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Our Story

Lumachain’s journey to Illuminating our Future.

The idea for Lumachain started as a conversation around a dining table with friends in the meat processing industry. One of the group was explaining that global meat supply chains were fundamentally broken, because there was no way to connect an individual cut of meat back to the original animal it came from. The industry had been trying to solve this problem for 50 years! It immediately reminded Jamila of how she had built the Qantas Airways spare parts tracking system, and because there is nothing that makes Jamila happier than solving hard problems – she decided to solve this one, too!

Next step – launch our own startup. We looked at a range of tech, including DNA, RFID, and Isotope Analysis, before landing on Computer Vision-based Artificial Intelligence. After bootstrapping our business for 15 months, we raised funding from Main Sequence Ventures in June 2019. MSEQ is Australia’s leading deep-tech venture capital fund, and is the venture capital arm of the Commonwealth Science & Industrial Research Organization, Australia’s national science agency. With our Seed round completed, Lumachain was off and racing!

Lumachain’s mission is nothing less than to transform the global food industry, with technology that enables a better, safer and more sustainable supply chain. But it’s grounded in a very practical, hands-on approach.

// Jamila Gordon

"One of our core values is we ‘get stuff done’. You lean in to your background and broad range of experience and skills and that allows you to get through a lot of work every day,"

What has made this journey so interesting is that in working really closely with customers to solve the original traceability problem, we also came up with a whole range of other solutions, using the same core Computer Vision infrastructure. Today Lumachain’s solutions are helping to make processing plants safer for both the workers and the food, to increase yields with greater efficiency, and deliver higher, more consistent quality. Not to mention providing real-time feedback and training for the tens of thousands of employees inside these plants who benefit from training delivered in their language of choice – opening up equal opportunities for people regardless of their background.

And the Lumachain journey has just begun…